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Free Aesthetics Consultation

Eye Care Center of Northern Colorado Aesthetics Consultation

Dr. Joel Meyers is a specialist in cosmetic and laser surgery and is the Director of the Meyers Aesthetic Center. Dr. Meyers performed his Fellowship training at the University of Arizona Health Sciences Center where he also taught for two years as a full-time faculty member. Dr. Meyers is dedicated to utilizing extremely meticulous techniques and only the most state of the art lasers and treatments for all your aesthetic needs.

In this day and age of high tech approaches for cosmetic rejuvenation there are many unproven fad technologies which rapidly come to market looking for a quick buck; providers looking to always be the “first on the block” to provide the absolute newest technology frequently “jump on the band wagon” hoping to get a jump on the competition. Unfortunately many of these technologies and treatments over-promise and under-deliver in their results and patients end up being frustrated by wasted money. Dr. Meyers keeps carefully abreast of laser technology and cosmetic treatments so as to provide proven technologies that provide for real results.

With an artistic and experienced eye, Dr. Meyers personally evaluates his patients and through an open discussion makes every effort to understand the patient’s goals so as to provide options that make sense for that individual.