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A Facelift is a lower face lift technique that is utilized for patients with moderate to advanced facial aging — moderate or greater laxity of the neck tissues, and moderate or greater laxity of the lower face. 

Like the S-Lift, the incision begins in the temple region and extends downwards to the bottom of the ear; however, in order to treat the increased laxity of the neck, the incision continues upwards behind the ear and into the hair, or if desired, under the hairline.

Like the S-Lift, placement of a chin implant, or liposuction under the chin, can be combined with the Facelift when appropriate.

For those patients with significant neck fullness, liposuction under the chin and throughout the neck may be performed.

When the issue is significant looseness of the neck tissues, specialized tightening or treatment of the neck musculature is necessary in order to provide for a long-lasting result.

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