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Eyelid Surgery

Upper Eyelids

Looseness in the upper eyelids is due to either forehead laxity and/or upper eyelid skin laxity (dermatochalasis).

If the eyelid skin laxity is significant, then surgery to reduce the excess skin is appropriate.

Selective reduction of prominent fat in the inner portions of the upper eyelids can also be performed when appropriate.

The upper lid can be covered by insurance if vision is impaired.

Lower Eyelids 

Looseness of skin in the lower eyelids is similarly addressed by removal.

If needed, this may be combined with tightening or repositioning of the eyelid muscles, fat, or tendons in order to provide for maximal rejuvenation.

Via a similar approach a mid-cheek lift may also be performed if desired.

The lower lid is considered cosmetic and therefore is not covered by insurance.

As an alternative to eyelid surgery, laser resurfacing with a carbon dioxide laser (CO2) can be used to provide for mild tightening of the eyelid skin. Due to the prolonged redness, this technique is reserved for only selected patients.

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