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Longmont & Boulder Botox

The Meyers Aesthetic Center has been the largest provider of BOTOX® Cosmetic in Boulder County and leads the region in experience. Dr. Meyers is an expert in its usage.
Longmont & Boulder Botox Services

In the hands of a highly experienced physician or nurse, BOTOX® injections can be used to relieve vertical creases between the eyebrows, horizontal creases in the forehead, or crows’ feet. These creases are due to unconscious muscle contractions developed as part of our individual facial expressions as well as muscle contractions used to protect our eyes from bright sunlight.

BOTOX® injections are an amazing medication. They are a purified protein neurotoxin used to paralyze muscles causing unwanted contractions. It is administered by carefully placing injections next to or into muscles. 

Lasting for approximately three to four months it was developed for treatment of certain forms of uncontrolled muscle spasms including blepharospasm, hemi-facial spasm, Meige’s syndrome and torticollis. Dr. Meyers has also utilized BOTOX® to decrease sweating of the palms and armpits.

With repeated administration BOTOX® can cause a more permanent weakness minimizing creases on a more permanent basis and allow for less frequent injections. As BOTOX® can have side effects, it is important to choose your provider carefully.

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