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Facial Procedures

Meyers Aesthetic Center offers a variety of facial procedures designed to enhance your natural, youthful beauty and turn those areas that you don’t like to see in the mirror into some of your favorite features. Recommendations are based on the desired results of each individual patient.

The following procedures are performed by Dr. Meyers.


A Face Lift is a lower face lift technique that is utilized for patients with moderate to advanced facial aging — moderate or greater laxity of the neck tissues, and moderate or greater laxity of the lower face.

S-Lift & Necklift

An S-Lift is also referred to as an anterior face lift or mini-face lift. The S-Lift and Neck Lift are lower face lift techniques that are utilized for patients with facial aging — from mild to greater laxity of the neck tissues and lower face.

Laser Resurfacing

Dr. Meyers was one of the first cosmetic surgeons in Colorado to provide Laser Resurfacing with the CO2 laser in 1995, and is very excited to offer the “gold standard” of care in Fractional CO2 treatments utilizing the CO2RE Laser.

Browlift/Forehead lift

A Forehead Lift is utilized for patients with lax forehead and eyebrow tissues that have descended creating a tired appearance, or crowding the tissues downwards into the upper eyelids.

Blepharoplasty (Eyelid)

Upper Eyelids — Looseness in the upper eyelids is due to either forehead laxity and/or upper eyelid skin laxity (dermatochalasis). If the eyelid skin laxity is significant, then surgery to reduce the excess skin is appropriate.

Facial Liposuction

Liposuction is not just for abdomens, hips and thighs. It can also be used to contour your face and reduce or eliminate fatty deposits on your neck, cheeks and chin (double chin, turkey neck or jowls).

FAMI/Fat Transfers

As part of the aging process our bodies lose volume. This can occur with all tissues including fat. In the face this causes a loss of support to the overlying skin resulting in looseness and a more tired and aged appearance.

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