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Birthmarks & Vascular Lesions

Skin Care Treatments in ColoradoIntense Pulsed Light (IPLT) technology is a treatment breakthrough that can help correct a variety of benign skin conditions. It is designed to permanently remove or greatly reduce the appearance of embarrassing blemishes. Many patients remark that the treatment is similar to a series of rubber band snaps to the skin. Following treatments, you will notice a darkening of the treated area similar to a bruise. This is normal and is called purpura. It is an indication that the light energy was properly adjusted for effective blemish removal. Clearing of this purpuric response will begin usually within 48 hours after treatment and is usually complete within two weeks.

Port-wine birthmarks

An acute source of psychological stress, these lesions are present at birth and usually occur on the face and neck. If untreated, port-wine birthmarks can deepen in color and increase in size and depth with age. They can even become raised, increasing their susceptibility to abrasion, ulceration, chronic infections and circulatory problems. Therefore, port-wine birthmarks are best treated as early as possible.

It is important to note that treatments do not always eliminate port-wine birthmarks completely. In about 25% of patients, therapy will completely clear the lesion, while 70% will result in a dramatic improvement. For reasons that are not well understood, a small number of patients will not respond to treatment.


Hemangiomas are vascular malformations which are roughly comparable in appearance to port-wine birthmarks. The majority occurs in infants and young children, with most lesions disappearing by age seven. While most of these lesions are superficial, hemangiomas often spread rapidly, causing considerable anguish to patients and their families.

On occasion, hemangiomas can be internal with life-threatening results if they interfere with the function of vital organs. Therefore, it is important that the nature of the lesion be determined immediately. Treatment should be considered at the earliest stages to arrest the progression of superficial hemangiomas.

Post-surgical scars or keloids

Raised, or hypertrophic, scars which are the result of traumatic injury, surgery or radiation therapy are often associated with numerous unpleasant side effects. These include pain, burning, tingling and intense itching within the scar itself.

Not only does the treatment significantly reduce the height and redness of scars, it actually improves the pliability of the scar and alleviates painful symptoms. While results vary with the age and severity of the scar, prompt treatment returns the skin to its normal color and texture in about one month.

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